Fire Pits

FIRE PIT plain pic 6.jpg

Our fire pits are designed and made in Australia in our Dandenong factory. We make our fire pits using 3mm steel plate. We have three designs in available - Aussie Made, Kiwi theme and a Standard theme.

Our fire pits cost $115.00.

You won't find a better price at this quality anywhere else.

If you wish to have a custom designed fire pit, we can do that at an additional cost of $170.00 or personalise your fire pit by adding lettering such as your name , football club etc. for an extra $70.00

We also sell a holding tray which will tray save your patio at $50.00. 

We make a fire pit with barbeque plate attachment, that can removed. This is sold with the holding tray for $340.


We always have plenty of fire pits available for immediate pick up or delivery. Delivery is available at an additional charge. Contact us for a quote.

Dimensions of the pit are: 550mm X 550mm square, 400mm high

Weight: 11kg weight

Dimensions of the holding tray are: 560mm squared, 60mm high, 2mm thick.

FIRE PIT plain pic 2.jpg

Standard Theme with Holding Tray


Fire Pit with Holding Tray and Barbeque plate

fire pit3.JPG

Aussie Theme (front)

FIRE PITT WITH TRAY kiwi pic 4.jpg

Kiwi Theme

fire pit1.JPG

Aussie Theme (side)

Examples of Custom Designed Fire PIts

Fire pit Stanley.jpg
Fire pit Carlton.jpg
Fire pit butterflies.jpg